Education is one of the main concerns in the fight for children's right. Unfortunately the least that can be said is that the condition of the African child is not very bright in this area. Paradoxically is this condition deteriorated considerably at a time when the law was making great progress in promoting the right of the child to education and health.

In Togo despite the free primary education, street children who are completely isolated from all social backgrounds have no way off benefiting from these actions by government authorities. However school whether in a formal or informal system makes it possible to develop a mechanism aimed at helping each child to develop intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially morally and religiously. Whether in difficulty of adaptation or learning, the school offers the basic skills for an inclusive education which are sociability, autonomy and adaptability.

For this reason we have developed the “Alternative School” project for children who live on the streets in Togo.

Since 2015 has this project provided more than 600 children with knowledge and skills in the carious centers each year. Specialized educators support these children with teaching methods and tools adapted to their context and life situation.

The aim of the project is to create an alternative educational mechanism to promote the social integration of street children.

It enables children to have access to education in line with the Untied Nations sustainable development goals and to meet the requirements of the national strategy for the protection of street children in Togo.

Various actions are being carried out as part of this project.