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We team up with companies, foundations and various interest groups to work together and with all our force to promote social values, civic engagement ,the family and the well-being of children.

The majority of our activities are financed by private institutions foundations and generous donors. They support us financially in the implementation of our projects but also in the development of new strategies to achieve more impact.

Other partners are associations and organizations that operate in the same area as Häls International . This cooperation enables us to meet the needs of isolated and marginalized children as best as possible and to ensure that our actions are sustainable.

les collaborateurs sont des associations et organisations qui travaillent dans le même domaine que Hälsa International. Cette collaboration permet de répondre au mieux aux besoins des enfants vulnérables mais aussi d’inscrire notre action dans la durée.

In recent years we have built relationships with wide range of partners in order to improve the implementation of our programs further develop competencies and make measures more effective.
We are open to various individual possibilities of partnerships.
For more information please contact Sébastien Galtier at