Help and Support in the Lives of Disadvantaged Children

Togo has been a member of the International Health Partnership and Related Initiatives (IHP+) since 2010.

Since then, the government has increased efforts to implement a national health policy that ensures comprehensive care for the Togolese population and despite this progress, access to medical care remains a major challenge for vulnerable and marginalized groups. These vulnerable groups also include children who live on the streets.

These children are often discriminate against and have no access to health care. But especially in their precarious circumstances they are exposed to complaints and diseases of all kinds. They quickly become disease carries among themselves but also within the entire population because they travel a lot and are in public places.

This is why an innovative concept is needed to facilitate access to primary care for these isolated children and to collect reliable information that can help develop a comprehensive and inclusive health policy.

Such an innovative concepts is behind our S.A.V.E.D. (Secours et Assistance á la Vie de l´Enfant Défavorisé) which has the following objective:

Promote access to primary care for marginalized and isolated children living on the streets.

The project works with different mechanism aimed at holistic and linear support that offer free of change: